Voice Over IP Telecommunications

Voice Communication made easy

Voice Communication made easy

VoIP is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using your Internet connection instead of your regular phone service. In traditional telephony, the phone company delivers services over a fixed line that connects the PBX (switchboard) to the public-switched telephone network (PSTN), and this line carries the phone calls from the corporation to the public. With VoIP, you simply dial up through your SIP phone, and talk at a significantly reduced rate! VoIP technology has been around a while, and has vastly improved call services with crystal clear voice at reduced costs. It doesn’t matter if the person you are calling has VoIP or not, this is where SkyVoice manages the last mile of service. The only requirement for this technology is a Broadband High Speed Internet Service, such as ADSL, Fibre, LTE since VoIP service relies on a High Speed Internet connection to work optimally.
On-site PABX
An on-site IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is basically a switch board system which switches calls between your regular public communications network and VOIP using internet protocol. A server uses your internet connection to transmit all your incoming and outgoing calls allowing your customers to get through to the right person within your business immediately. We can either use your existing internet connection or help you set up Fibre or Wireless connections at your business.

VoIP Software

Connecting Customers and Co-Workers


Jumpstart your communications with a hosted PBX that lets you keep control. Unlike most hosted PBX solutions, that leave you with a hefty bill and loss of control and flexibility, we do things differently. Host with us and we’ll take care of updates and monitoring while you run your own dedicated communication system with maximum flexibility. We’ve also made it easy to migrate, so you can move your virtual PBX to private cloud or on-premise any time you want. 3CX’s cloud PBX also includes integrated video conferencing software, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and much more. Don’t settle for just any phone system.

Home Automation Solutions

Control your smart home or office whenever from wherever


Shelly is a range of home automation products that allows you to intelligently manage your home through the Shelly Cloud App from your smartphone or tablet.

WIFI Management

Minim powers advanced and affordable hardware so you can get the most out of your broadband.


Effortless control over the home network. The Minim® Mobile app transforms home users into WiFi pros with AI-driven insights and support.

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